What Is workplace mediation?

“Conflict can destroy a team which hasn’t spent time learning to deal with it.”  Thomas Isgar  


Conflict is a normal part of everyday life.  No less so in the workplace.  Some conflict can lead to greater creativity and positive changes.  However, conflict not managed can have very negative effects. This is where workplace mediation can help.


Workplace conflict results in:


  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased management time to handle inter-staff relationships
  • Increased workplace toxicity sometimes leading to harassment or bullying complaints
  • Risk of costly legal procedures such as grievances and arbitrations, Ministry of Labour complaints, and lawsuits
  • Higher levels of staff turnover and the associated costs of recruitment and onboarding
  • Negative impact on employee health and well being resulting in higher levels of absenteeism, presenteeism and benefit plan usage
  • Reduced staff morale leading to lower productivity
  • Transparent to customers, suppliers and other business partners affecting company reputation
cost of conflict workplace mediation

Organizations can lessen the effects of workplace conflict by training, sound conflict management and code of conduct policies, and ensuring HR staff have the skills and authority to help build high functioning work teams. This all part of our excellent workplace mediation services.


There are many benefits to bringing in a qualified mediator when workplace conflicts are not being resolved by in-house interventions or when they escalate quickly.  

The Benefits of an external mediator
for workplace mediations are:

  • Impartiality – this is an important tenet of mediation.  Although your internal conflict resolution practitioners may be impartial – employees who are party to a conflict may not perceive them to be.  This alone can cause the process to fail.
  • Confidentiality – because the mediation process does not result in reports to management, staff can speak freely.  This level of confidentiality usually can not be achieved using internal processes. 
  • Cost Effective – Mediation can resolve conflict in a quick and efficient manner avoiding further employee relations costs like grievances and arbitrations, Ministry of Labour complaints, Human Rights Tribunal costs.
  • Staff Engagement – staff participating in mediation processes experience personal empowerment.  Mediation sessions are often learning opportunities in communicating needs in a collaborative and productive fashion.
  • High Rate of Compliance – When employees are party to an agreement they are far more likely to comply with that agreement than when one is imposed on them.

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