How can CoAct help you prevent harassment in your workplace?

“An organization should be concerned about harassment and bullying for at least three major reasons. Firstly, they need to protect their employees and ensure that they are fully productive and enjoy coming to work. Harassed and bullied employees develop mental health problems – the employee suffers becoming fearful of the workplace and the organization suffers through the employee’s lowered productivity, absenteeism and disability – translating into thousands of dollars. Secondly, there has been a dramatic increase in damage awards with penalties including recent awards of $410,000 (Boucher v. Wal-Mart Canada Corp.) and another for $800,000 (City of Calgary v CUPE Local 38). Also, there is increasing and tighter legislation across all provinces; for example, in Ontario, the new “tort of harassment” allows employees to sue for damages. Thirdly, there is public embarrassment and an attack on a company’s reputation. Consider recent harassment headlines about Uber, Fox News, Walmart and the RCMP.”

Dr. Warren Shepell

Policies and Programs

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires every workplace with more than 5 employees to have a workplace violence and harassment program that includes a policy, risk assessment and procedures to follow when issues arise. We can create this program for you or update your current program.

Staff training

When you train your staff, you provide them with the knowledge and information to help reduce and manage bullying and harassment in your workplace.

Respect in the Workplace Advisor

Workplace Violence and Harassment programs are most successful when there is a neutral individual who can support the management team, the HR department, and workers when issues arise. CoAct can be your organization's Respect in the Workplace Advisor with services to fit your needs.